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Mad About Merino is a 100% women owned, patriotic small business located in Kauai, Hawaii. We are so exited to have you visit our online boutique, and hope you'll fall in love with wearing superfine merino wool fashions just like we did!

Martina Hough, owner of Mad About Merino and her husband, Mike discovered Merino Wool Fashions several years ago on a trip to Australia and immediately fell in love with the fabrics. Australian superfine merino wool is the best in the world. It's soft and deliciously comfortable to wear. Over a time period of a couple of years Martina managed to change her complete wardrobe to merino clothing and now wears merino wool most days.

Martina was also inspired by how easy it is to pair her line of merino wool fashions. Any scarf in her collection will pair with any poncho or cardigan wrap. At Martina's house getting dressed in the morning is never a problem. Everything goes with one another, everything is complementary to each other. Start with a comfortable base layer and simply top with your merino item, color or pattern of choice for the day, and you're ready to go... It's really that easy, and we promise you'll always look elegant and chic.


But wearing Mad About Merino is not just a fashion statement, it's great for your skin and also the planet! Instead of investing in a wardrobe of synthetic fibers most of which are petroleum based & chemically treated, at Mad About Merino we invest in completely natural fibers that are anti-microbial, temperature regulating, protect you from the sun, are flame retardant, and will keep you warm and cozy even when wet. 


Merino wool fashions are so comfortable to wear, they feel luxurious against your skin, and this special wool is also easy to take care of. Check out Merino Wool Benefits and Merino Wool Care.

We're Mad About Merino and invite you to experience firsthand why Martina changed her whole wardrobe to this unique, luxurious 100% Australian wool fabric that performs better than any natural or synthetic fabric on the planet.


Martina & Mike Hough also co-own Kauai Island Weddings, Kauai's premier full service wedding company, proudly serving the community for the last 20 years. By supporting Mad About Merino you are supporting a patriotic family owned small business in Hawaii rather than a large global corporation, and we thank you for it!

As a small business we produce small quantities of products and colors so you won't find your neighbor, or coworker wearing the same Mad About Merino item... unless of course you love yours so much that you tell them about it.

Martina opens her office/boutique to customers in Kauai who want to see and feel her fabrics, or simply want to stop in to buy another scarf, poncho or other accessory. By appointment only.

If you would like to carry Mad About Merino in your store, please contact us here.

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