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Natural Fibers

Our Merino Wool is a natural fiber grown in Australia by free roaming sheep. Unlike most other fibers, merino wool is completely sustainable, bio-degradable, and feels great on sensitive won't irritate or itch.

Our fashions are elegant and timeless which means you'll wear them longer. But once you're ready to dispose your item it'll naturally bio-degrade into the soil without leaving harmful man-made micro plastics and chemicals

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Anti Microbial

Merino wool is naturally anti microbial, which means you can wear your item many times before you'll need to wash it. This makes Merino perfect for travel and to compliment your busy life. Our superfine Merino items easily machine wash on Wool cycle, but can also be hand washed when 

traveling as your item will line dry overnight and will be ready to be worn again the next day. Merino fashions are your perfect travel companion!

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Easy Care

Merino Wool is a hard wearing, natural protein fiber and all of our products are manufactured using machine washable yarns. We do strongly recommend that all our garments are stored appropriately, and washed on a wool specific washing machine program using a Woolmark approved detergent (or Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap) at a maximum spin speed of 600 rpm. Line dry out of direct sunlight, fold or hang garment, warm iron if preferred (but not necessary).


Soft, Warm & Cool

Merino Wool keeps you cozy & warm in fall, winter and spring, but will also keep you cool in the summer. Merino will keep you warm even if the wool is damp. It wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. It's soft, flame retardant, is breathable, and naturally UV-protectant. Our Merino products are super soft and non-itchy, and you'll love them for years to come.

Trees From Above

100% Sustainable & Renewable Fibers

Trees From Above

Sustainable & Renewable

Our Merino Wool comes from merino sheep grown in Australia in the Southern Hemisphere. These sheep graze freely and have a minimal impact on our environment. Unlike most of the fashion industry which is a huge polluter of the environment merino is harvested, cleaned and spun into a natural product to be worn for years to come. When finally discarded merino will simply decompose and enrich the soil.

Trees From Above

100% Sustainable & Renewable Fibers

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It's Good for your Skin & your Health

Merino Wool is a completely natural fiber that's good for your skin. Unlike polyester, rayon, and cotton mix fabrics, merino wool is a deluxe fabric that's comparable to cashmere in quality, that's good to wear if you have sensitive skin and will keep you comfortable in all conditions. If you're the kind of person who takes care of themselves, meaning their diet and exercise, wearing merino wool is the perfect complement to your daily health routine.

Trees From Above

100% Sustainable & Renewable Fibers

Merino Wool is:

  • A Luxurious fabric similar in Quality to Cashmere, but with distinct advantages.

  • Machine Washable with a wool detergent, simply line dry - Merino Care

  • Soft, warm, and dries quickly; and is not chunky or bulky.
  • Anti-microbial, which means it doesn't easily take on body odors, and you can wear it a long time between washings.

  • Bio-degradable, it decomposes back into the earth without leaving dangerous man made chemicals when you're ready to discard your item... not months, but years form now.

  • Naturally Flame Retardant.

  • Naturally UV Protectant - Simply wrap one of our scarves around your shoulders to protect you from the sun.

  • Merino wool is a completely natural sustainable fiber, it comes from merino sheep that graze on rolling hills of farm land in Australia.

  • Unlike most modern fabrics merino wool does not contain micro plastics, thus it does not pollute our water supplies.

  • Does not itch; and feels great, even on sensitive skin.

  • Is the perfect travel companion because merino is anti-microbial and you don't need to wash your merino items often, plus they'll line dry overnight and will be ready again for wearing in the morning.

  • Mad About Merino offers elegant & timeless fashions, which you'll enjoy for many years. All of our items compliment each other and are beautifully worn together.

Add a Little Luxury into Your Life

that's Good for You and the Planet!

The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter on the planet, just after the oil industry. It dumps a ton of chemicals & fertilizers into the environment and greatly pollutes our water ways. The global fashion industry generates a lot of green house gases because most garments are made of synthetic fibers made from fossil fuel.

Synthetic fibers such as polyester are plastic fibers that take about 200 years to decompose.  Plastic fibers make up close to 75% of all fabrics, and the average western family throws away close to 70 pounds of clothes each year. Every time you wash a synthetic garment it releases individual microfibers which find their way into the oceans and into our food supply.

Merino Wool is a completely Natural Fiber grown by Merino Sheep. It does not pollute the planet and is  100% sustainable! You'll need to wash merino wool less, and will wear it longer, and when you are finally ready to dispose of your merino it will completely decompose into the soil without leaving any harmful chemicals.

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