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Your new Mad About Merino purchase can be worn in many different ways.

With just a couple of key items you can achieve a refined or casual look effortlessly...


  • Start with a pair of black or grey well fitting pants (you can also use jeans if you love wearing them), a pair of black boots, and a white, grey, or black long sleeve t-shirt...from here the styling options are endless!

  • The goal here is to keep the base layer (t-shirt and pants) in neutral colors like black, grey, white or even beige would work in most cases.

  • Also invest in a black and/or brown leather belt as our ponchos and cardigan wraps look great belted.

  • Another must have accessory is a great Wool Felt Hat. We have a few options on this website that will instantly elevate your look! Check out the pictures above for just a few ways you can rock your new purchase!

And remember, Mad About Merino is all about comfort in fashion, and great, soft, cozy, deluxe fabrics that you'll love to wear for years to come. Play with your Mad About Merino pieces and you'll find out that they seamlessly fit together and make dressing for the day an easy task. Look great every day, and always have an extra layer of warmth or sun protection when needed! Mad About Merino is also a wonderful travel companion, as it can be worn many days without needing washing. Once you do wash your items they will line dry within a couple of hours before they are ready to be worn again. Our large scarves will also work double duty as the perfect travel blanket when needed...